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Introduction To Trading The World Markets

Introduction To Trading The World Markets

Level: Beginner

Welcome to a fresh perspective on trading in a new world. This is an exclusive course for exceptionally talented and dedicated individuals. Leave your preconceived notions about the market behind, as they belong in the garbage.

We won't be discussing support and resistance, as we are traders, not artists. Instead, we will focus on understanding fundamental market philosophies, the power of algorithms, our opponents, basic options knowledge, and many other topics. 

The clock has started, so make your first move.
Mastering The Art Of Exoscope Trading

Mastering The Art Of Exoscope Trading

Level: Intermediate

'The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.' -Einstein. In the world of markets, success depends on probabilities, and the more comprehensive our knowledge, the more finely honed our weapons become. 

We will discuss trading psychology, risk management (options specific), advanced algorithms, coding personal algorithms, market timing, and various crucial topics 

Take two steps and a step closer to success
Victory Over The Entity

Victory Over The Entity

Level: Advanced+

By this time you should already be able to make a stable living from trading. However, if you really want to delve into the secrets of the market and put on the shoes of the enemy to counter act strategies used against retail. 

Within this course we will go over various market secrets and look into how the entire financial system operates, analyze how market makers sell options to buyers, advanced algorithmic patterns and we will trade in real time and apply these skillset.

Attack from every direction and become the most formiddable trader you can be.